Tracked mounted mobile belt conveyor applied for all kinds of bulk and granular material.

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Update Time 2020-02-19

With a variety of tracked stockpiling conveyor options, the tracked mounted belt conveyors (Called as crawler belt conveyor as well) offer mobility and flexibility for a wide range of applications, including stockpiling and truck & barge loading. And it is also widely used for crushing plant ;

Working principle:

The track chassis surrounds the drive wheels and the outside of a series of rollers by circulating endless crawler belts, so that the wheels are not in direct contact with the ground, but through circulating the role of the track and the ground, and then driven by the wheel drive track, thereby realizing relative rolling of the wheel on the crawler belt, tracks are repeatedly laid on the ground, driving the chassis.

The chassis of track generally use imitation tank structure to design, that arranged a pair of drive devices with dual track structure on both sides of the chassis. Each track mechanism consists of a drive wheel, a guide wheel and a number of load wheels, the track on the outer side is tensioned by the gear train limit at the time of installation, the drive wheel drives the track to move relatively to the wheel, the guide wheel limits the position of the track during movement, and the weight wheel supports the weight of the entire body.

Adopted track traveling drive, it has the strong grade-ability, and be able to adapt to a variety of yard conditions.


All systems are mounted on a mobile platform, it can be free to move anywhere in the yard site, walking wheel uses track, there is no need to place a fixed track in the venue, increase yard utilization; Feeding device has steady flow function, ensuring continuous, uniform and smooth feeding;