Belt conveyor with tripper car for bulk material stacking solution

Group Stacking Belt Conveyor
Min. Order 1 set
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Update Time 2020-05-07
The tripper cars are equipped with two pulleys. When it is used as a guide for the conveyor belt, the upper pulley is used to throw the material out and discharge it to the bin by the unloading chute. The tripper cars generally run on the rail. The tripper device is driven by a motor or a wire rope and can be moved forward and backward to discharge the material from the end to the silo, or pile up on both sides of the belt conveyor . For unloading at fixed points, the mobile tripper cars can be locked at any specified position. The traction force required to move the trippers can be calculated by the running resistance of the traveling wheels of the trippers, the resistance of the conveyor belt on the pulley, and the lifting resistance of the material. Rail, rail connector fasteners should minimize the number of rail sections

1. Large conveyance ;

2. Low operating cost;

3. Single or double sides trippers can be designed;

4. Maximize using the stock yard space;

5. Two-way movement;


The conveyors with tripper cars are widely used with horizontal fixed belt conveyor in grain, crushed stone, barge loading etc in all fields of in metallurgical plants, electric power, chemical plants, and coal industries.