Conveyor with long distance design used in different fields

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Update Time 2020-01-16

The long-distance crossing horizontal turning belt conveyor is developed from the fixed belt conveyor to the direction of large capacity, long distance, large belt width and high belt speed. It refers to the use of flat conveyor belt to achieve horizontal turning, and in the vertical plane to achieve concave convex turning together to form a spatial turning. By raising the inner curve of the conveyor belt, the conveyor will produce an outward centrifugal thrust to overcome the centripetal force of the belt tension caused by bending and ensure the bending operation of the conveyor belt.

1. The long conveying distance reduces the construction investment of transfer station, conveyor receiving and conveyor unloading device, and reduces the engineering cost and maintenance cost.
2. Horizontal turning reduces the use of buffer device, sweeper, guide chute and other wearing parts, improves the transportation capacity and efficiency, ensures that the conveyor belt does not deviate or scatter materials during long-distance curve transportation, reduces dust flying and noise, and is conducive to environmental protection.
3. Multi point horizontal turning can realize one conveyor instead of multiple conveyor, make the system power supply and control system more centralized, which improve the stability of safe operation.
4. High integration intelligent control can realize the centralized control and interlocking of the whole line of equipment in the whole production process.