New port reclaim project is under construction in Hongkong

Time: 2020-02-11
Summary: SKE has bidden successfully the fifth conveyor project in Hongkong in the end of 2019, due to the short period delivery requirement, all the conveyors and parts were in manufacturing in time, and parts of the conveyors have been delivered to the project size; Now the project is under construction now;

This project is similar with the previous projects whose belt conveyor system were designed and supplied by our company Shanghai Kuqiao Equipment Co.,Ltd (SKE for short). The conveyors are used for port reclaim project, which can be considered as barge loading belt conveyor;

The sieving and conveying system works continuously for 24 hours. First, the construction waste is screened through a vibrating feeder, and the bigger stones, steel bars, and wood blocks will be screened out. The required size material is supplied to the vibrating screen for secondary screen through the conveyor system. The finished product is transported to Hong Kong Airport via barge.

Due to the short time limited, the user requires the complete project to be handed over at the end of Feb,2020; Not only the conveyors are manufactured in time, but also the site civil construction engineering work is in process. 


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