Conveyor Frame has been finished and to be hand over to Project site

publisher: Holson
Time: 2020-01-15
Summary: Since SKE received the final offer from CCCG for the sixth conveyor system to be used for ship loading/ port recliam project in Hongkong, China, our factory speed ​​up production to ensure the first two sets of conveyors to be handed over before Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is coming within 10 days, as per requirement by the final user , regarding the sixth  port reclaim belt conveyor system to be used in Hongkong, at least two belt conveyors must be ready for shipping.

SKE received the offer from CCCG in December 2019, and the complete conveyors must be reaching the site at end of the Feb. 2020, and at least 2 sets of conveyors must be ready for shipping before Chinese New Year. 

Thanks to all the staff in manufacturing factory, the delivery schedule has been reached; Today, the finished conveyor will be shipped continuously.  Besides, our quality inspection engineer is also checking all parts carefully before the conveyors leaving our factory, in order to avoid any mistake;

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