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publisher: Holson
Time: 2019-12-29
Summary: The Chinese Near Year is coming within one month, however, one of the conveyor project requires at least two conveyors to be handed over to the site; SKE is speeding up the manufacturing process, only to meet our client's satisfaction;

On the 18th of December, 2019, our company has received the successful Winning bid again from  CCCG, who is the contracting company for the six conveyor port reclaim systems  in Hongkong, China;

As the Hongkong Airport Authority‘s request, this conveyor system must be finished at end of Feb,2020, and two conveyors  of the system must be delivered to the project site before Chinese New Year.

Our company is now speeding up the manufacturing process, ensure the conveyors can be manufactured in time with high quality, our Chief technical engineer is discussing with our factory manager for timely manufacturing;

Our Chief Engineer is guiding production on site in person, checking the processing drawing, to ensure all the parts of conveyors are manufactured in good quality;

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