SKE company is committed to building a conveying system for the green sand crushing and beneficiation industry

Time: 2019-10-10
Summary: With the increasingly strict requirements of ecological environment protection , the sand and gravel aggregate industry, received more attention;
In recent years, with the increasingly strict requirements of ecological environment protection and the shortage of river sand resources and the prohibition of mining, the sand and gravel aggregate industry, has received more and more attention from the society.

As we all know, the mining explores and beneficiation process of aggregate and mine is very simple. All the mining and beneficiation processes are physical methods, which do not have a profound impact on the surrounding ecological environment like metal mines. The reason why the aggregate industry has become the focus of local attention and environmental protection supervision is that the aggregate mine is basically open-pit mining, and the "damage" of the mountains is obvious.  Although this damage or influence is short-term, and it can be effectively controlled and repaired after the mine is closed, doubts about sand and gravel aggregate mines are still endless.

Building a green aggregate mine is undoubtedly the best choice to solve the problem of resource development and ecological protection. The Ministry of Natural Resources promulgated green mine construction specifications for nine industries including gravel aggregate, and it was officially implemented on October 1 this year.

Therefore, no matter it is the mining of aggregates or the beneficiation process, dust prevention and pollution prevention are imperative, and the requirements for the conveying system will become increasingly strict; Shanghai Kuqiao Equipment Co., Ltd (SKE) will continue to improve the design and related supporting facilities, so that the coneyor system designed and produced by our company can meet the requirements of environmental protection;

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