What are the advantages of selective telescopic belt conveyor for loading?

What are the advantages of SKE machinery telescopic belt conveyor for loading? 

Using a telescopic belt conveyor for truck or barge loading can shorten the distance for manual transportation of materials, shorten loading and unloading time, reduce labor intensity, reduce damage to goods, reduce loading and unloading costs, and improve work efficiency.

Telescopic belt conveyor can be used with other conveying equipment and Material sorting system , which can realize automatic production of materials in and out of warehouses or vehicle loading and unloading, which has been widely used in various industries. It is an essential tool to improve efficiency, and reduce the production cost for the enterprises nowadays.

The telescopic belt conveyor drives itself to rotate by driving the pulley, and then the whole of the telescopic belt conveyor moves forward horizontally by the carriage. When the machine reaches the interior of the carriage, the loader can press the button fixed on the head to the machine Swing up and down for control, which saves time and effort. When the loading is completed, the loader can press the control button to return the part of the machine entering the compartment.

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