Tensioning device of functions in the cement application conveyor operation

In order to ensure the normal operation of the cement application SKE belt conveyor, the belt conveyor tensioning device is an indispensable part of the conveyor. Its main functions are:

1. Ensure that the separation point of the conveyor driving pulley of the cement application conveyor has enough tension. Thus, it can ensure that the driving device relies on the traction that must be transmitted by friction drive to drive the normal operation of the conveyor.

2. Ensure the necessary tension of the minimum tension point of the bearing branch, limit the sag of the conveyor belt between the idlers, ensure the normal operation of the cement application conveyor, and avoid slipping, deviation and other phenomena caused by the relaxation of the conveyor belt.

3. Compensate for the change of belt elongation under plastic deformation and transition conditions. Due to the change of load, the length of conveyor belt will change, and the creep phenomenon will also cause the extension of conveyor belt. The tension is variable. The position of tension pulley must be adjusted frequently to ensure the normal operation of cement application conveyor.

4. Make necessary travel preparation for belt re- joint. Each cement application conveyor has several joints, which may cause problems at a certain time. It must be cut off and redone. The tensioning device has prepared the conveyor belt other than the load for the cement conveyor, so that the joint failure can be solved by loosening the tensioning device and re- jointing

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