What are the advantages of the heavy-duty tensioning device in the belt conveyor?

The heavy-duty tensioning device for belt conveyor  uses the weight of the heavy weight box to generate tension, and ensures that the belt conveyor belt has a constant tension under various working conditions. The tight force can automatically compensate for the elongation changes of the conveyor belt caused by temperature changes and wear.

The mechanical characteristics of the belt conveyor using the gravity tensioning system are that the tensioning force is constant and the tensioning displacement is variable. It is suitable for fixed long-distance conveyors and has high safety and reliability.

Advantages: Simple structure, reliable operation, and low maintenance. It is an ideal conveyor tensioning device that is widely used.

Disadvantages: the tension cannot be adjusted, the belt tension is caused by insufficient belt tension during the start-up phase of the belt conveyor and the change in the conveying amount; the tension is not suitable, which makes the belt prone to vibration during startup and unstable operation. Due to the limitation of the layout space, the tension displacement cannot be too large.

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