What problems should be paid attention to during the mobile belt conveyor’s operation?

 In the process of operation, improper operation will also seriously affect the work efficiency. The following points are about how to avoid or solve problems that occur during operating mobile belt conveyors;

1. The accessories of the mobile belt conveyor should be installed on a solid foundation; the wheels should be wedged symmetrically before running. When working on multiple machines in parallel, a channel more than 1m should be left between each other. There should be no deposits that hinder work around the conveyor.

2. Before starting, adjust the tightness of the conveyor belt, the buckle should be firm, the transmission components such as bearings, gears, chains should be in good position, the supporting idlers and protective devices should be complete, the electrical protection (zero or the grounding connection) should be in good position, the conveyor belt and roller width should be consistent.

3. When the mobile belt conveyor is started before operation, it should be run without load. After the operation is normal, the material can be evenly loaded. Do not start after loading.

4. When feeding, it should be aligned with the center of the conveyor belt and the height should be reduced to reduce the impact of the falling material on the conveyor belt and the idler. Feeding should be kept uniform.

5. During operation, the running condition of the mobile belt conveyor should be observed at any time. When the conveyor belt is found to be loose or deviated, it should be stopped for adjustment.

6. During operation, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to cross from below the conveyor belt and from above. When the conveyor belt is slipping, do not pull by hand. It is strictly forbidden to perform cleaning or maintenance operations during operation.

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