What is methods to deal with the cause of the coal pipe plug for coal conveyors?

Coal pipe plug is one of the component of the coal conveyor handling solution. There will be some problems while the coal belt conveyor handling system is in operation. What is the cause of the coal pipe plug? What are the processing methods?


1) Excessive coal sticking in the falling coal pipe; 

2) Large objects are stuck in the falling coal pipe; 

3) Interlocking failure; 

4) The equipment is not started according to the regulations 

5) The sealing of the guide belt of the next belt conveyor is too wide ;

6)The baffle is in the wrong position; 

7) The airlock counterweight is too large ;

8) The coal feeding is too large


1) Clean up the sticky coal; 

2) Manage the falling coal pipe in time; 

3) Check and Maintain the interlocking; 

4) Correct in time; 

5) Maintain and adjust the width of the sealing sheet;

 6) Adjust the position of the baffle;

 7) maintain and readjust the airlock counterweight ;

8) Reduce Coal supply

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