Why does the belt conveyor fail to start and how to deal with it?

Q:Why does the belt conveyor for coal transportation solution fail to start and how to deal with it?

Answer: The reasons why the belt conveyor cannot start:

1), the motor loses power;

2) the chain is turned on but the previous equipment is not started; 

3) the button is not reset after stopping; 

4) the return pulley is stuck or frozen; 

5) The pull switch or deviation switch is not reset after the action; 

6) Some objects stuck in the falling coal pipe; 

7) Damage to the fluid coupling plug; 

8) Excessive coal pressure on the belt;


1) Contact the electrician engineer for power 

2) Unlock the chain or start the previous equipment; 

3) Reset the stop button 

4) Clear the jam 

5) Reset the pull switch or deviation switch 

6) Clean the falling coal pipe 

7) Maintain the coupling plug  

8) Minus part of the briquette;

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