Prevention and treatment of longitudinal tearing of conveyor belt

Q: What causes conveyor belt longitudinal tear?

A: There are serious deformation and damage on the conveyor belt joint.

1)A large piece of material or iron is stuck in the conveyor belt.

2)The conveyor belt deviates and the anti tearing device fails.

3)There are sundries involved in the roller (pulley) between the conveyor belts.

4)The wedge on the rope clamp is not tightened.

Q:Harm of longitudinal tearing of conveyor belt

A: After the longitudinal tearing of the conveyor belt, it will directly cause the damage or even scrap of the conveyor belt, increase the transportation cost and affect the normal transportation.

Prevention and treatment of longitudinal tearing of conveyor belt

Timely maintain damaged and severely deformed belt joints or reconnect the belt;

Control the transportation of large materials and ironware to the belt conveyor. If there is any blockage in the belt conveyor, it shall be removed in time.

The self-aligning idler and anti deviation device are added to ensure the normal operation of the safety protection device of the crane conveyor.

Remove the sundries between the conveyor belt and the roller in time.

Tighten the wedge on the rope clamp.

Check the working conditions of each loading point and gate to prevent the gate from being damaged and falling and causing longitudinal tear.

In case of longitudinal tearing of conveyor belt, the following steps can be taken:

① Temporary measures shall be taken to sew the cracks with iron wire to maintain the operation of the belt conveyor.

② Use the maintenance time of the maintenance class to learn cold or vulcanized hot patching.

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