What should be paid attention to for conveyor installation and commissioning
Precautions for installation and commissioning

1, Precautions during belt conveyor installation

1). All rollers, idlers and driving devices shall rotate evenly and flexibly after installation;
). During the test operation, if the belt deviates, adjust the mounting point or frame of E-pin to adjust the deviation;

2, Test operation shall be carried out after installation

1). Two hours of no-load and eight hours of load operation shall be carried out before putting into use.
2).Check whether the arrangement of electrical signal and control device is correct;
3). Start the motor to see whether the roller direction is correct, pay attention to the wiring of the control switch, and ensure that the belt conveyor is rotating forward;

3,  Precautions during commissioning

1). Check whether there is obvious noise in the operation of each fastener. 
2). Check whether there is abnormal temperature rise of each bearing; 
3). The rotation and fastening of the roller carrier;
4). The control buttons of each electrical equipment shall be sensitive and reliable;

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