What are Causes reasons and hazards of Conveyor belt deviation
Causes and hazards of Conveyor belt deviation 
The belt is the most important part of the belt conveyor. Whether the belt runs smoothly has a great impact on the mechanical capacity, efficiency and life. When the belt conveyor runs, the deviation of the belt is a common failure. The deviation of the tape not only affects production and damages the tape. When using non-flammable tape, it also increases the running resistance of the tape due to the deviation, causing the tape to slip, which may cause a fire accident.

Causes and hazards of Conveyor belt deviation. The operation of the belt depends on the friction between belt , pulleys and idlders. In theory, the rotation centers of the pulleys and idlers must be in right angle contact with the longitudinal center of the belt. However, in practice, various errors will occur. Due to the deflection of the frame and the belt, the contact conditions of the belt with the pulley and the idlers during operation will change. The main reasons are:
 (1) The diameters of the two ends of the transmission pulley or the tail pulley are different;
 (2) There is slime or other attachments on the surface of the pulley or idlers;
 (3) The head pulley is not parallel to the tail pulley;
 (4) The center lines of the shafts of the drive pulley and the tail pulley are not perpendicular to the center line of the fuselage;
 (5) Improper installation of the supporting pulley frame;
 (6) The feeding position is incorrect;
 (7) The center of the pulley is not on the center line of the fuselage;
 (8) Both sides of the belt are skewed due to incorrect joints of the belt or deterioration of the Belt;
 (9) The fuselage is not correct;

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